Most all prospects lie!

Before I get into why prospects lie… let me ask you a question?

  • If you have a product or service that a customer or client needs do you feel you have a moral obligation to sell them?. . . You should!
  • If you have a lousy product or service you need get another product or service or get a job!

Let’s discuss a fact that we don’t like to admit

  • Most prospects lie – they will make excuses for not making a buying decision and most don’t want to say no to you. Instead they will come up with something like “I want to think about it, I want to talk it over with my spouse, I’m not sure if I’m ready but I will call you”
    • These are usually lies!
    • What they are saying is “they don’t have the money”, or “they don’t see the value” or “they don’t see the urgency to buy right now”

Why does this happen?

  • You haven’t presented the value of the service or product in your presentation
  • You haven’t instilled the urgency to buy right now

Remember in any sales situation either you are in control or they are in control. Who do you want to have the control?

What should you be doing and saying? Establish the reason for the meeting before you start!

Example #1: “The reason for this meeting is to see if what I have is a fit for what you want or need.” “By the end of our conversation there are 3 things you can say to me”

“The first is “YES” and we will move forward and do business”

“The second is “NO” and I want you to understand that it is perfectly ok to say “No”

“The third is that you want to think about it but I don’t want you to say that! I have been in sales a long time and I know that when someone says they want to think about it what they are really saying is “NO”.

“So before we get started I would like for you to do me a favor and just tell me “Yes” or “No” when we are done. It is perfectly ok if this is not for you. . . Is that fair?”

What have you done when you establish the ground rules for the presentation

#1: You have established control

#2: You have made it difficult for them to say no…Why?…Because they don’t want to hurt your feelings with “NO

#3: You have taken all the pressure away by giving the prospect the ability to say “NO” by saying “It is perfectly ok if it isn’t right for you”.

Example #2: Another way you can handle it is when you get to the end of the presentation you handle it honestly by asking them to be honest. When they say “I want to think about it” you say Mr. or Mrs prospect, “I have been doing this a long time and I have found when a prospect says “they want to think about it” what they are really saying is NO. “You just don’t want to hurt my feelings!” ” Isn’t this the case here?” “So let’s be honest. . it is the money isn’t it?” ITS ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY! If money wasn’t the issue they would have already said yes if you know they want or need it! Right?

If they are honest and say yes then you can do something like….

“If money wasn’t the issue could we do business today?” Wait for an answer!

“What did you think the value of the (the service or product) should be? Wait for an answer!

“What if I could show you a way to make it affordable for you would that make a difference?” Wait for an answer! Maybe a payment plan or some other creative financing.

Remember! In any sales situation either you have control or the customer has control!

The bottom line is prospects will lie to you and when they do they control the sale.

Who do you want to have control?

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